Sunday, September 9, 2012

Socrative Space Race

I've mentioned Socrative in an earlier post.  It's a free, web based student response system.  I really like this type of quick, formative assessment.  I used clickers last year, but I teach in the math computer lab so I have enough computers for everyone and it's easier to use the web based systems.  Plus, there's some extra features like this Space Race.  I've only used it once, but I liked it and I plan on doing it again.

I put the students in groups of two for a quick quiz on subtracting integers after they had done a worksheet on it.  Each pair logs into a computer and they go to my room on Socrative.  I start the quiz as a Space Race and they see this on the projector attached to my computer

As they answer questions correctly, their space ship moves across the screen.  It's fun to do, I played the game myself as a student in a tech ed course this summer and it was a good time.

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