Thursday, February 28, 2013


ALEKS is working really well.  We have been using it in algebra 1 lab every other day for 40 minutes and the students are great with it.  They have accepted it as part of the routine and they are happy while they do it.  It seems to me that they are better mathematicians as a result of all of this structured practice, but I don't have any data to support this.  Their midterm grades were no different from typical, I will also check again at final exam time.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Latest version of CK-12 Algebra book

The latest version of our class' textbook has been uploaded to Scribd.  It is classroom ready up to and including Chapter 6

EHS Algebra 1

Standards Based Grading

I'd like to pilot some technology based implementation of standards based grading next year.  I'm intrigued by MasteryConnect.  I wonder if the Cognitive Tutor program by Carnegie Learning allows for that sort of thing.  I think this would work best with one to one technology.

Carnegie Learning

Our math department is looking at the Carnegie Learning program for Common Core algebra 1.  We like the overall flow of the books, we also like how modeling and problem solving are built right into the philosophy of the presentation.  I also like a quote from the first chapter "Mathematics is the science of patterns and relationships".  They start off with patterns so there is a connection between the course and making predictions with math.  We have a few sample books, we will also be checking out the Cognitive Tutor program.  If anyone has any comments on their implementation of these materials, I'd like to hear them.

Tutorial on CK-12

I have been using CK-12 all year to create a textbook for my algebra 1 class.  Here is a tutorial that explains how to make one of your own:  CK-12 tutorial.  I found this on Richard Byrnes' site, he posts an amazing amount of useful material.