Saturday, September 8, 2012

Class notes on SMART Board

I am using the SMART Board almost exclusively instead of the chalkboard this year.  I write on it just like the board and I export the notes to pdf and save them on my class Moodle page.  I'm hoping this will be useful for some students who would rather sit and listen instead of worrying about copying down every morsel of wisdom that I present to them :-)

Here's a sample


  1. Whoa, I definitely need to learn how to embed something like this in a blog post in the future!

    I used to post my smart notebook notes online as well. It's a bit difficult now because not all my classes have access to smartboards. I am playing with different ideas though...

  2. Yeah, I'm lucky, I teach all of my classes in the same room. It has computers for everyone, a SMART Board and ELMO, so I can play with all sorts of things