Sunday, January 26, 2014

Modification to SBG for second semester

I gave a Google survey at the end of first semester, several students mentioned that the 4 point grading scale that I was using seemed a little goofy.  One mistake put you down to a 75 and after the standard had moved to the 5 point maximum, that was a 60.  I started off by using the point system outlined in this blog post by Dan Meyer

Dan Meyer SBG

I thought that the number of standards assigned each quarter would balance that off, but I do still think one small mistake could have too much of an impact on the grade, so I've decided to make each standard worth 9 points instead of 4.  If a student gets 9/9 twice, they receive the full credit of 10/10.  Also, second semester involves some complex tasks, so I'd like to have more points to work with for partial credit.


  1. Good Morning Lea Ann, I love that you take your students say so seriously. I was just wondering, do you allow retakes? I also use the four point scale, but I also find myself thinking about it a lot. :)

  2. Yes, I allow retakes, they see each standard three times in class, then they can take it three times on their own. They need two 9/9 to get a 10/10. I have been doing this for half a marking period so far and I prefer it. I will do a post on this soon, but basically I like to be able to give them feedback on multiple things with the larger number of available points.