Monday, November 26, 2012

Class web page

I have created a web page for my algebra 1 class, here's the link

Algebra 1 Class

It's not that fancy yet, but I'm starting to gather things here.  I've been using a Moodle page, but I find it rather clunky.  I'm not using most of the classroom management features of Moodle, I mostly just want a place to post things.  I was initially thinking of a Google site, but it's inconvenient to post anything but a Google product on their sites.  Our school uses Wordpress to host our sites and I could post any type of document there.  I have also created a space on our school's shared server where I am collecting all of the materials I have found over the years.  We are transitioning to common core and I think it's important to start gathering and sharing.  Hopefully this web site evolves into something nice as the year goes along.

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