Sunday, August 26, 2012

So Much New Information!

I'm using the knowledge I gain in Blogworld to help me make my algebra classroom a better place to learn.  Technology is a major focus for me this year.  I've started managing my ideas using LiveBinders, I have tabs for the different ideas and I can make notes and develop things. One tab is for web resources to try, that is where I'm putting many of the useful activities from blogger posts.

I'm also using Diigo for keeping track of interesting articles and such.

Someday I imagine I'll make a web portfolio that showcases teaching in a way that is useful for others.

Any other ideas out there about how to keep track of this fountain of brilliance we are all unleashing?


  1. Sorry to be creeping through your blog and leaving a trail here today, Lea Ann. Hey, your posts are uniquely short. I LOVE that! Seriously and honestly, there are lots of great stuff out there and only so much time, so thanks for getting to the point! I'm not there with LiveBinders or Diigo, although I've looked into both. I'm very tempted to do go Premium on Dropbox because it's my life saver. Sorry, I don't have the answer to your question as you're way ahead of me in all this fab!

    1. No problem with all the posts, I'm happy to hear from you, thanks for reading! I'm keeping the posts short for now so people can get most of my ideas without getting bogged down. Once the year gets rolling and I see how things are working, I will probably get more detailed. If you ever look more into LiveBinders or Diigo, I'd be curious to hear what you think.