Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Blogger Initiative Post 1

- One thing I plan on doing differently is putting more of my Algebra 1 content online.  I'd like to have more of a blended classroom.  I'm lucky enough to teach in the math computer lab, so each student can have their own desktop computer.  I've been using the computers for various activities over the years, but this year I'm expanding things considerably.  I'm writing an online textbook using, I have chapter 1 ready for prime time and the other 8 chapters are pretty well sketched out.  I'm using Moodle to keep track of online resources.  I'm using ALEKS for the 40 min lab that goes along with the regular 80 min class (I piloted that last year, so it's pretty under control).  I have a new SMART Board and I'm planning to make my notes available on the Moodle page.  I will be using other tools to connect the students online, Socrative, Google Forms, Moodle Forums, etc.  I'm looking forward to all this and I'm also looking forward to finding some colleagues in bloggerworld who use a blended classroom and would be willing to share ideas.

Thanks to the new blogger initiative team for helping us to get started :-)


  1. "I'm writing an online textbook using,..." WOW, Lea Ann, this is impressive and amazing! Your classes are truly immersed in all sorts of techonology. The only thing I'm familiar with (and use) from what you mentioned is Google forms. But I saw a video of a class using Socrative for exit slips. Ahh, so much to learn!! But of course that's why you have this blog so we may get lots of ideas from you!!

    It's a pleasure "meeting" you, Lea Ann, and I'm honored to feature you on my site for Week 1 at

    Happy blogging! Fawn

  2. Thanks for fixing your post to show my new blog site. It's been a pleasure meeting you, too. So far, everyone in Blogland has been very nice.