Monday, October 14, 2013

Looking for other blogs

I would like to follow more blogs about Standards Based Grading and Common Core in Algebra 1.  If anybody reading this is blogging about that, please leave me a comment (or get in touch with me in some way that work for you) so I can follow you.  Thanks :-)


  1. Hi Lea Ann!
    I blog about Algebra 1 and Common Core. I also use SBG. Haven't blogged a whole lot this year - but working on changing that for next year. My blog is


  2. Thank, Lisa, I follow you already :-) I haven't blogged much recently either, I've been too busy creating the new Common Core curriculum and creating a new STEM program. Tomorrow I teach the last new Alg 1 lesson, woo-hoo! Looking forward to hearing more about how the year went for you. Also, I will be at Twitter Math Camp this year, maybe we could talk then.