Wednesday, January 23, 2013

White boards for adding and subtracting polynomials

This wasn't an earth shaking lesson plan, but I thought it went well.  I gave an introduction to polynomials, the vocab and the difference between solving and evaluating.  Then they all took a whiteboard and I had them tell me the degree and name of a polynomial that I wrote on the board.  The fun of the whiteboards is that they all hold up their answer and, POOF, there's some quality formative assessment.  Once they had that, we evaluated polynomials for specific values of x.  Same drill, hold up the whiteboards with your answer.  It's good to see where they're at and we all feel part of the conversation that way.  More students get pulled in and it's fun.  Next, I introduced addition of polynomials and they practiced with the whiteboards.  Same deal with subtraction.  The day ended with each student picking up a strip with a polynomial on it.  I paired them up and they added the polynomials on the whiteboards.  Students were picked at random to show their whiteboards on the ELMO document camera.  That game went on with different pairing and different operations for the duration of class.  Here's my sheet with the polynomial strips on it.

Polynomial strips for adding and subtracting by

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